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Dufort Airport

Phone: 481-5521

For Questions, please contact Bruce Burditt, Airport Service Worker:

518-483-5073 or 518-483-2392

Duties included: fielding airport user complaints, collecting rental payments, leasing hangar space, dealing with engineers and contractors when projects are done at the airport and most importantly insuring a safe environment for pilots utilizing our airport.


Website for Airport Weather Station:


Malone Dufort Airport

(MAL) 786' 2W [IAP].

GPS Location: 4451.22'N 7419.22'W.

A new Snow Removal equipment building has just been completed and plans are to purchase snow removal equipment in the near future.

Runway 14/32 it is not plowed and requires visual inspection before attempting to land, 14/32 and 5/23 along with the taxi way are now in very good condition.

The beacon operates from dusk to dawn and there now is a Segmented Circle and Wind Cone

Attended: Irregular


Runway 5/23 is 4000' inc DT x 100' Surface: Asphalt Gradient/Direction: N/S

Runway 14/32 is 3245' inc DT x 75' Surface: Asphalt Gradient/Direction: N/S


Lighting: Runway Edge 5/23 - 14/32 Pilot controlled 5 clicks

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

The Town of Malone proposes an overall goal of 1.8 percent for its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program for FAA funded projects for federal fiscal years 2017 and 2019.  The proposed goal and its rationale are available for inspection during normal business hours at the Town of Malone offices, 27 Airport Road, Malone, NY  12953.  Comments on the goal will be accepted by the Town of Malone and the FAA Office of Civil Rights, AWP-9, P.O. Box 92007, Los Angeles, CA  90009-2007.




  • The Taxi Way B project is now complete.  This new Taxi Way gives pilots another option for taxing to the preferred runway for take off or landing.  It also affords pilots a better look at planes landing or taking off.  The new Taxi Way will NOT be plowed during the winter months.

  • Our lighted wind cone has been out of service since July 2012 to the present time.  Representatives of S&L Electric of Colton, NY, who will be doing the work of repairing our lighted wind cone, have given me a tentative date of December 18, 2012 for work to begin. 

  • It would appear that it will be a go for rehabilitation of runway 14-32 in the year 2013.  The runway is in bad need of crack filling and this will eliminate the problem.  I have also been informed by Mary Kay Genther of Passero Engineering Group that two (2) lighted "Runway Closed" X's will be given to the Town at the conclusion of the project.

  • Although not set in stone, it appears the Town will allow the NYSP to set up a "weigh station" on airport property.  As long as approval is given by the FAA, the project will begin in the Spring.  The land that will be utilized for the project is on airport property.

  • There has been talk of a fuel farm being placed at the Airport.  I have spoken with our engineers and the amount of money needed, along with other projects the FAA deems more urgent, will make it very hard to get funding for the project.



Airport and Airport Administration Building were opened in 1949 through a joint effort by the Town of Malone and the Civil Aeronautics Board.

Town Supervisor at that time was Henry Maguire and board members were F. Wilcox, S. Child, M. Desnoyers and R. Maneely.


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